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If you are here for the first time, you can register on our BD-TOVA e-shop website.

Registration is not necessary, but it enables better and faster processing of your order, and we provide discounts to the price of goods for registered customers. Discounts are then set automatically after registration.

We recommend you registering before ordering.

The registered user, if he agrees, can receive current information e-mails about new products and prices in our e-shop. The consent may be revoked at any time.
Registration procedure:

  1. Register first (REGISTRATION is in the upper right corner of the screen)
  2. After activating the registration, you can buy goods at the prices that were assigned to you after registration.
  3. We recommend you to fill in the billing and delivery addresses in the "personal account" before ordering.

Registration is free and is valid for every additional purchase. You can cancel the registration at any time in your personal account or send a request to cancel the registration by e-mail to address info@bd-tova.cz. Cancelling the registration will automatically cancel your personal account.
In case of a problem with registration, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.
How to buy:

  • Choose a product
  • Click on "detail" to get more detailed information about the product.
  • Select the number of pieces and add the product to the cart. The status of your purchase and the purchase price will be displayed in the "shopping cart". You receive information about the value of the order, when you are entitled to a gift or free shipping.
  • If you have reached for a gift, select it and add it into the "shopping cart"
  • In the "shopping cart" you can further modify your order, change the number of pieces, cancel individual items by marking 0 pieces, or delete the entire cart. If you want to continue buying, continue as above and the products will be added to your shopping cart.
  • If you are already satisfied with your purchase, continue ordering the goods and fill in the billing and delivery addresses, method of payment and delivery. If you are a registered customer and you shop repeatedly and your billing and delivery details have not changed, you needn´t to fill them in. You just assign the correct address from the menu.
  • Check all the details and send the order.
  • You will receive immediately a copy of your order (shopping cart) to your e-mail address. In case if you do not receive this email, an error occurred somewhere and your order did not reach us.
  • We will process your order with us and send you more detailed information about the status of the order and the delivery date.
  • If you are a registered customer in the "Personal section", you have the opportunity to monitor the status of all your orders placed in our e-shop.


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