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Nativity scene, the Three Wise Men, shepherd...

The product we introduce under the name Winter - DIY set - creative set is an easy decoration with the Winter and Christmas themes that can children make themselves according to the enclosed pattern. You can find here a big quantity of figures of angels,  devils, St.Nicholas, chimney sweepers, small Nativity scenes, and many other figures of animals and other figures. Creative sets are intended mainly for children but adults can make original Christmas decorations. You will see how nice look like small angels or chimney sweepers on Christmas tree in a bunch of flowers or with wishing on the present. And you can sure make them more pleasant waiting time for Father Christmas when you can make together in Advent time traditional Nativity scene. The packages contain all components to make the decoration. You will need only adhesive (Duvilax Expres LS, Hercules..), scissors, colored pencils, felt-tip pens, a ruler... The basic material is compressed cotton (paper) that can be further treated: glue, color, cut, varnish, it is possible to paint on it using watercolors, colored pencils, felt-tip pens...

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Nativity scene small house - hanging 1 pcs

2,44 €
In stock
Catalog number: 10222001
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The three kings

4,21 €
In stock
Catalog number: 10188901
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Nativity scene on the mat/1 pcs

3,06 €
Catalog number: 10050401
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Christmas package

11,14 €
In stock
Catalog number: V000499
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Bethlehem with tree 1 pcs

2,67 €
In stock
Catalog number: 10184301
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Shepherd with sheep and dog

4,21 €
In stock
Catalog number: 10188801
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White nativity scene

3,59 €
Catalog number: 10150001
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4,56 €
Catalog number: 10190301
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Nativity scene and 3 Kings

4,53 €
Catalog number: 10141601
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Three kings

3,59 €
In stock
Catalog number: 10140101
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Bethlehem house

5,29 €
In stock
Catalog number: 10188701


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