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Dear customers,

this document contains information about the personal data protection policy applied by the company BD-TOVA, s.r.o. The way any personal data provided upon visiting the website of the company www.bd-tova.cz  are treated is also stated in this document.  The information is provided in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data approved in April 2016 and applied from 25 May 2018.

Personal Data Processing:
Personal Data Processing in connection to execution and expedition of any order, these personal data are processed:
Name and surname, e-mail, telephone number, street and the House Number, town, postcode, delivery address, company registration number, TAX ID.
No approval is required for processing their personal data in connection with the order (contract) execution.
The company BD-TOVA, s.r.o. will process the above mentioned personal data within 5 years from the contract/order establishment.

Personal Data Processing in connection to execution and expedition of an order via registration and personal account of the customer:
Name and surname, e-mail, telephone number, street and the House Number, town, postcode, delivery address, company registration number, TAX ID.
The registration and establishing of the personal account of the customer serves a faster and more comfortable purchase via  e-shop of the company BD-TOVA, s.r.o.
The expressed approval with the establishing of the personal account at www.eshop.bd-tova.cz is purely optional and you have the right to withdraw this approval by clicking the link in the registration form or by a written statement of your will sent to the address of the administrator or the e- mail address tova@bd-tova.cz.
In case of the expressed disagreement, your personal account and all data provided within registration data will be deleted.

Dealing with inputs, inquiries and filing a complaint:
The BD-TOVA company, s.r.o processes the personal data of the customers provided in connection with various enquiries and requests. The provided personal data  will only be processed to the necessary extent. The data will be processed not longer than it is necessary to process the enquiry or request.
The approval for processing the personal data of the person filling a complaint about any product is not required. The legal basis for the personal data procession is fulfilling the contractual and rightful duties of BD-TOVA, s.r.o. company.

Personal Data Processing for sending commercial newsletters:
e-mail address, list of  e-mails sent to the customer, information about the acquisition of the provided approval to process the personal data and information when this approval was rejected.
The approval  expression is optional and may be cancelled whenever. Even though the approval had been expressed there is an option to cancel sending our offers immediately. Also their e-mail address may be deleted immediately after expressing their will.
The personal data and sending our newsletters will be sent until the provided approval is cancelled.

The personal data  are processed by the company BD-TOVA, s.r.o itself. In case the ordered goods is delivered to the address listed in the order, the data are passed to the Geis logistic company or other shipping companies.
The below mentioned IT providers of BD-TOVA, s.r.o. may gain limited access to the provided personal data:
Vaš prostor, s.r.o., se sídlem Brno, Poděbradova 4, IČO: 29294444
Bc. Tomáš Žák se sídlem Brno, Ant. Slavíka 1313/7, IČO: 70433810
Children under 13 years of age
Children under 13 years of age may make a deal only with their legal guardian approval.
Use of cookies and website analysis

Processing of Protocols
To the necessary extent to provide access to the webpage www.bd-tova.cz of the company BD-TOVA, s.r.o. also processes the protocol files about  their web page access for the purpose of ensuring protection of the website and their functioning improvement. Processing these protokol files is performed by the above mentioned company itself or by the accredited company Váš prostor , s.r.o. .
Processing of the below mentioned protocol files, which may (but does not have to) comprise personal data of a visitor of the website:
the website which BD-TOVA, s.r.o. webpage was vistited from;
date and time of the access;
data groups transmitted;
browser and operating system information of the website visitor's computer.
Rights instruction

Upon fulfilment of the conditions stipulated by legal regulations, to the following rights related to the processing of their personal data (GDPR), valid by May 25, 2018, BD-TOVA, s.r. o. as the administrator of their provided personal data, please notice the below mentioned rights:
right to information and  access ,
right to rectification of the personal data or their erasure,
right to restrict processing of the personal data,
right to object to processing of your personal data,
right for data portability,
right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority
right to withdraw a previously given consent -  the given consent may be withdrawn whenever by sending a written announcement to the address of the administrator or  e-mail address of the company: tova@bd-tova.cz.

This personal data protection declaration is valid and effective from May 25, 2018.


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