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The company BD-TOVA, s.r.o. was established on January 1, 1995 and thanks to a long tradition in the production of decorative items and hobby products, it is one of the few current Czech manufacturers of this range.

With more than 100 employees, BD-TOVA, s.r.o. is among companies whose ratio of handicapped employees is higher than 50%, and is a member of the Association of Employers of Disabled Citizens and allows its partners to meet the mandatory 4% share of employees with disabilities in the form of substitute benefits (more at www.nahradniplneni.cz).

Due to changes in the provision of substitute performance from 1 January 2012, we are obliged to keep a register of issued certificates of substitute performance for possible control by state authorities. The value of the limit of the provided substitute performance is determined according to § 81 subsection (3) of the Disabled citizens for 2014 in the amount of CZK 886,392 per one person with a disability.

In this context, we also draw the attention of our regular customers to the possibility of booking the planned annual volumes of purchased goods!

The main assortment includes decorations for various seasons, gift items, cotton shapes, DIY sets for children and many other products for creative creation.

As a direct manufacturer with its own development department, we also offer custom products of original corporate gifts, mascots and souvenirs (corporate colours, logo, special motifs or themes, etc.).

In the period of more free production capacities, we also offer manual assembly, completion and adjustment works, etc.

More than 65% of the total production is delivered to EU countries and other countries. The company's strategy can be described by 3 points:

  • Respect and quick response to customer requirements
  • quality
  • non-traditional design

We invite you to our new showroom at the company's headquarters, where we will be happy to show you our range, news and custom production options.


BD-TOVA, s.r.o.
Jílkova 124,
615 00 Brno (entrance from Filipínského street)
Česká republika
+420 515 910 003, +420 702 191 751