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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein
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Cotton carrot, nose, horns...

The carrot with tops can´t be missing to any Eastern hare. But there is a possibility to use cotton shapes - carrots without top, we can easily glue the top from the paper, fabric or the wool or you can use these cotton shapes  - small cones, pyramids you can use by your figures as the devil´s horns, animal´s horns...or noses for old witches, snowmen...., but they are suitable as spines for hedgehog or chestnut. It´s only up to you how you can use them. Material is compressed cotton - paper, individual shapes you can easily modify - cut, glue, paint, varnish, you can paint on them.....You can easily create your own decoration according to your imagination.

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Cotton wool carrot 53x20 mm 10 pcs

1,06 €
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Catalog number: 41005710
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Cotton wool noses orange 7x13 mm 20 pcs

1,91 €
In stock
Catalog number: 41008320
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Cotton wool carrot length 4 cm - 10 pcs

Until stock-out
2,14 €
In stock
Catalog number: 648469/10
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Cotton wool noses red 7x13 mm 20 pcs

1,91 €
Catalog number: 41008320


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