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Doorplate for boys 1 pcs

2,16 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10199801
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Dimension: height 10.5 cm


You will need besides the content of the bag: Dispersion adhesive (e.g. Duvilax Expres LS) or glue gun, red, yellow, black, and brown marker or colored pencils, scissors, a ruler.

Cut out the corners into an arc on one side of the cardboard (bus). Cut off a 4 cm stripe from the yellow paper stripe and glue it on the center of the bus 2 cm from the bottom edge. Cut the bigger blue rectangle into 2 halves (windows). Glue the windows equally close above the yellow stripe. Paint the cheeks and hair on the heads and after gluing them on the windows. Glue the bows under the heads. Glue the wheels together according to the picture and glue them on the bus, after glue lights (half-wheels). Write down the name on the white plate and fix it on the bus. In the end, glue the tape from the backside of the bus for hanging.

Decoration dimension: height 10.5 cm


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