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Devil figure 1 pcs

3,22 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10169301
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Dimension: height 19 cm


You will need besides the content of the bag: Dispersion adhesive (e.g. Duvilax express LS) or a glue gun, scissors, black thin felt-tip pen.

Recommendation - spray the cotton shape using hair spray, to avoid bleeding.

Glue the stick into the head, and then glue the head to the body. Glue the nose, and the eyes above the nose close next. Glue the hair on the head. Bend the tips of horns slightly, then glue the horns over the hair on the head, then glue the ears. Paint the small teeth and freckles using a thin black felt-tip pen. Glue the chenille into balls (hands), and then glue the hands from the backside to the body. Glue the legs (cylinders) from the bottom part of the body, and glue the figure on the circle. Trim the shoes, and glue them from the front part to the legs. Fold the ribbon in half, glue the sides together, free the end tie it up using silver chenille (bag). Glue the bag obliquely to the body, and then glue the hand to the bag.

Figure´s height: 19 cm.



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