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Angel, devil and St. Nicholas on the pad - trio

3,18 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10194701


Dimension: height 8 cm


You will need besides the content of the bag: dispersion adhesive or a glue gun, scissors.

Glue the head on the body. Glue the hair to the devil and angel. Tie up the knitted fabric on one end using a wire and the second end bend 2 times (cap). Glue the cap on the angel´s head and then a star on it. Glue the wings on the body from the backside. Glue the horns and a star on the devil´s head. Glue the beard to St. Nicholas, glue the hat together and then glue it on the head and the star on the hat. Shape the sledge and glue it on the circle cut-out (pad). Glue the angel on the sledge and then glue the string over the sledge and on the sides of the body. Glue the gloves to the sides of the figure´s bodies. Glue the figures and tree on the pad. At the end glue the snowflake on the tree.

Figure´s height: 8 cm.


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