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Layered angel with a cap 2 pcs

5,47 €4,10 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10221602
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You will need besides the content of the bag: Dispersion adhesive or a glue gun, scissors, red-colored pencil.

Layered body: start with the biggest circle, and then use intersperse circle, then the biggest flower, and continue up to the smallest one. Glue the stick after the second intersperse circle.
Paint the cheeks, and glue the heads to the bodies. Divide the hair strand into two halves, and tie it up in the middle using a wire. Glue the hair on the top of the head. Cut the cotton string into two halves, and glue the ends between the hands. Glue the caps and turn them to the right side. Glue the arms under the head from the backside on the interspersing circle. Roll up the cap 1 cm, and glue it on the head. Cut the ribbon into two halves, and tie up the bows 4.5 cm wide. Cut off the ends askew. Glue the bows under the head, and then glue the wings to the body from the backside. Unbraid the hair a little.

Figure´s height: 16 cm


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