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Varnished ladybird and bee 1 pair

3,45 €2,76 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10199201
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Dimension: height 13 cm


You will need besides the content of the bag: Dispersion adhesive (e.g. Duvilax Expres LS) or glue gun, a red marker, scissors.

Paint mouth in red color. Put a white flower on the stick that is inside the body and then glue the head. Glue the black cut-out (hair) on the head. Cut out the chenille in 2 halves and glue the ends inside the small balls (hands). Hands fix to the body from the backside under a white flower. Glue small cylinders (legs) closely one next to another to the cardboard cut-out (grass). Cut small wires of feelers using scissors for 4 cm long pieces and fix them to the opening in the head. Glue the figures to the legs. Glue black small circles on the ladybirds´ wings. In the end, glue the wings to both figures to the body from the backside.

Height of figure: 13 cm


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