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Ladybird 1 pcs

3,29 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10162501
In stock


Dimension: height 20 cm


The package contains all the components to make the 1 pcs figure.

You will need besides the content of the bag: Dispersion adhesive, a glue gun, a red-colored pencil, a thin black felt-tip pen, scissors.

1. Glue a stick in the head, and glue the head to the body. Glue the eyes close to each other on the head. Glue the nose just under the eyes. Paint the cheeks. Glue the feelers on the head.

2. Glue the black cut-out over the feelers (hair). Glue the legs (black cylinders) from the bottom to the body. Glue the figure on the circle. Glue the chenille into the small balls (hands). Glue the circles on the wings.

3. Glue the hands and wings to the backside of the body. Paint the venation using a thin black felt-tip pen on the leaves. Glue a flower and leaves on the paper twine (stem). Glue the flower to the body and the hands to it. Cut the shoes and glue them from the front part to the legs.

Figure´s height: 20 cm


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