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Grey cat 1 pcs

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Catalog number: 10198601
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Dimension: height 13 cm


You will need besides the content of the bag: Dispersion adhesive (e.g. Duvilax Expres LS) or glue gun, scissors, a ruler, thin black marker, pink colored pencil, auxiliary stick.

Glue the stick into the head and paint cheeks using pink colored pencil.

Put the auxiliary stick into a cotton apple. Lay the apple in the center of the fabric circle. Wrap up the apple according to the picture, equally gather around the stick and tie it up firmly using a wire. Cut off the rest of the wire (body). Put out an auxiliary stick and then glue the head.

Cut out the chenille into pieces 15 cm and 20 cm long. Pieces 15 cm long glue into the small balls (hands). Piece 20 cm long bend on one side 1 cm (small tail). Fold up a double bow from the ribbon 7 cm wide, and tie it up in the middle using a wire.

Glue the hands from the backside to the neck and then glue cut-outs of legs under the body. Glue cut-outs of the ears together (pink cut-out on the grey one). 

Glue the small tail from the backside to the body and shape it. Fix the bow under the neck and the ears on the top of the head. Write down the dedication to the heart. Glue the heart between the hands.





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