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Ghost and rosehip 1 pair

2,65 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10195101
In stock


Dimension: h.9 cm


In addition to the contents of the package, you will need: Dispersal glue (e.g. Duvilax Express LS) or melt gun, scissors.

We put our heads into the body. Cut the chinyl in two halves. At the ends of the chinyl we glue the two-sided sections of the hands, glue the hands to the back of the neck. From the bottom of the body, stick the bots.Put the wool on d.3cm, pull the wire down in the middle and cut the ends (tuft). From the picture of the tuft, we stick the figures on the heads. Wrap a scarf around our necks. From the front, we stick a cut of the leaf on the body and stick one hand to the leaf.

Figure height: 9 cm


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