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Fly agaric and rosehip figures 1 pair

2,83 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10209701
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Dimension: height 12 cm


You will need besides the content of the bag: Dispersion adhesive or a glue gun, scissors, red felt-tip pen, needle for sewing.

Draw the cheeks and mouth. Glue the stick into the head. Glue the chenille into the small balls. Tack the lace. Fold the white wool in a length of 13 cm, tie it up in the middle using a wire, and cut the ends. Fold the beige wool in a length of 5 cm, tie it up in the middle using a wire too, and cut the ends.

Glue the heads into bodies. Glue the arms between the body and the head from the backside. Tie up the lace under the fly agaric´s head and make the knots. Then glue the hair on the top of the heads. Red knitted fabric tie up on one end. Turn green knitted fabric to the backside, and tie it up on one end too. Turn it on the right side then. Glue the hats on the heads. Glue the white dots on the fly agaric´s hat, and glue the brown cut-out in a shape of a star on the rosehips´ hat.

Glue the legs from the bottom of the body. Glue the small green tree to the body of the rosehip, and then shape the arm to it.


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