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Scarecrow 10 pcs

14,22 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10187710
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Dimension: height 16.5 cm


You will need besides the content of the bag: Dispersion adhesive (e.g. Duvilax Express LS) or a glue gun, scissors, red felt-tip pen.

Cut the chenille, wool, wire, cloth patches into 10 pieces. Glue a stick in the head, draw the cheeks and nose. Glue the legs close together to the bottom part of the wider part of the cylinder (body), and glue them on a wooden circle. Glue the shoe cut-outs to the legs. Fold the clothes and glue them in the edges (leaving a hole for the hand). Pull the chenille through the sleeves, and glue the hand cut-outs to the ends from both sides. Put the clothes on the body and glue the head. Fold the wool in a length of 11 cm, tie it up in the middle using a wire, cut the ends (hair), and glue them on the head. Glue a hat over the hair. Glue 2 buttons and 2 patches on the dress. Glue 2 black cut-outs together, create a bird, and glue it on the hat.

Figure´s height: 16.5 cm


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