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Shopping beige bag

18,14 € (with VAT)

Catalog number: 10224701
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Dimension: 25 x 8 x 35 cm

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Handbag size : 25 x 8 x35 cm
Handbag handle length:  60 cm

Material: felt thickness 3 mm

You will need besides the content of the bag: scissors and a screwdriver.

Thread small parts of the magnet fastening through cut-out holes on the front and rear parts of the handbag. Put a tinny circle from the second side and turn the small parts into sides.
Put the holes in the handbag on the long stripes to the holes on the front and rear parts of the handbag. Thread the smooth rivet from the outer part that we will screw on the second part. Now use felt parts with engraved motifs and cover the rear part of the magnet with these parts.
Thread the string into the needle, make a bigger knot and start sewing. Start with the upper handbag part. Then add the side part of the handbag by sewing.
After sewing up to the bottom edge add the bottom part. Cover the rear part of the magnet using a felt part without a motif and sew it together.
Next, sew the rear part of the handbag to the side parts and the bottom part as well. We will finish the sewing in the place where we started and fasten the thread very well. Add the second side part and go on with sewing, until the whole front part won´t be overcast. Fasten it very well.



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